By Larry GLicken

There is no secret about Kobe Bryant’s promise that the Los Angeles Lakers making the play offs this season. If Bryant is going to live up to his word, the Lakers better find out how to play better defense. The Lakers fell to the Nuggets 119-108 last night. Denver out ran the Lakers and out scored them 33-3 on the fast break points. You know why? The Lakers aren’t playing any defense. Sure Bryant is one of the best all time scorers in the NBA but he has to figure out how the Lakers as a team can stop other NBA teams from running wild all over the Lakers.

Phil Jackson was able to help the team to use Dwight Howard more effectively with one statement. Perhaps Bryant and his guys could have one conference call with Jackson to figure out what is wrong with the Lakers defense. Until the Los Angels Lakers can figure out how to stop team like the Nuggets from running all over them, this is going to be a very frustrating season. Even if the Lakers were to make the play-offs, how long could they last with the lack of defense they are showing now?


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