The Los Angeles Lakers couldn’t beat a team that only had 4 wins this season as the Lakers fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers 100-84 last night. The Lakers great scored 42 points  but couldn’t slow down the Cleveland Cavaliers who saw the return of one Kyrie Irving last night for his first game in weeks. The Lakers looked like they were out-ran by a much younger Cleveland team that seemed to be pumped up to face the Lakers in this game.

The Lakers fell behind early in the game and couldn’t make the adjustments needed to slow down not only the Cavs Kyrie Irving but C.J. Mile as well. The Lakers did make it interesting in the 4th quarter, the Cavs didn’t fold and they handed Kobe and his Lakers their 9th loss of the season. Kobe better get his Lakers moving if they expect to keep up with the west, they continue to fall behind as the team starts to show their age. It may be time for the once mighty Lakers to consider a youth movement of their own….



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