If you watched the NBA All-Star game last night you would have seen Kobe Bryant beat LeBron James in the 4th quarter if the game . It sure looked like Bryant took something personal with James, he would forcefully deny James a chance to get to the basket.  Kobe was going up after the Lebron James jump shot and knocking away from its planned trajectory when ever he could. Bryant was out to prove a point.

It seems funny that this Bryant performance comes less than a week after Michael Jordan picked Bryant as the better of the 2 players. If Bryant would play the way he was defensively in the Lakers games maybe they would have won more games this season. LeBron didn’t seem to be able to find an answer for Bryant, he was held to on a couple of points in the 4th quarter and it looked like he didn’t really care of he beat Bryant to the basket or not. Could have been that he couldn’t do it.

If we use the all-star game as a source of measure you would say that last night Kobe Bryant was the better player. LeBron just has to live with it.


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