The Oklahoma City Thunder and Kevin Durant have turned this series into a battle. The Thunder looked to be over-matched in the first two games against the Spurs, many thought the Thunder were going to go down in this series, Durant,Westbrook and Serge Ibaka who went 11 for 11 last night had thoughts of their own. The Spurs looked stunned as the Thunder put them away 109-103 in game four. Kevin Durant turned on his after-burners in the fourth quarter of play as he started scoring at will over the Spurs who were in shock.

The Thunder now have to travel back to San Antonio for game five and this time they look like a team that has something figured out.  The Thunder has their confidence building over the last two games. You can see the turn in momentum swinging into the Thunder’s direction. The Thunder can now hang among the NBA’s  best and they showed that over the last tow games. This time when the Thunder travels to Texas it could be them who come out in the winners circle. The Thunder needs two more wins to advance to the finals.

Although the San Antonio Spurs aren’t a team that is going to make it easy for the Thunder to get two more wins, they will have a tough time trying to slow down the likes of Durant, Westbrook and others on the Oklahoma team who may just want this series victory a little more. The Thunder have a great team and the guys are really showing the world right now they can dominate in the NBA.

It sure doesn’t look like the Spurs have an answer to slowing down Durant. He had one of the best fourth quarters in NBA history and I look for him to do more of the same. The Thunder is a team that will make more than a little noise, they are a team than can stop the charge the San Antonio Spur was mounting and they are a team that could make it to the NBA finals.

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