Kevin Durant gives the Oklahoma City Thunder the same kind of fire power that Michael Jordan gave the Chicago Bulls back in the day. Durant is the kind of player that can take control of a game and help the Thunder put it away. His 52 points against the Dallas Mavericks puts an exclamation point on that statement. Durant is going to be one of the NBA’s all time greats when his career is over, lets hope that isn’t for a long time. Durant has plenty of game and will continue to improve as time goes on.  The Thunder know that and are lucky to have Durant on their team.

Durant never quits playing no matter how the game is going. He wants to win and sooner or later the Thunder is going to win a NBA Championship. When that happens Durant we be noticed for all the hard work he puts in. The Thunder have a great record just at the half way point in the season. At 32-8 the Thunder should be able to make a great play off run again this season. How far they go will depend on how far Durant and his fellow teammates want to take them. The Thunder is as good as any team in the NBA right now. As a matter of fact they could be considered better than any team in the NBA, they are the only team with 32 wins.

The Thunder have a 8 game lead in their division and they don’t look like they will slow down anytime soon. The team is on a mission and with the play of Kevin Durant, the Thunder just might complete the mission this season.

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