The Oklahoma City Thunder have to find a way to stop the Miami Heat tonight. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have their backs against the wall, if they can’t figure out a way to stop LeBron James and the Miami Heat their season will be over the Thunder will fall short of claiming their NBA Championship and LeBron will claim the ring he left Cleveland in search of a few years ago. The Thunder got off to a quick start in-game four, for some reason once the Heat started to score the Thunder cracked under pressure.

Westbrook is young, he seems to get a little inpatient and needs to find a way to stick to his game and so does Durant. These two guys are among the élite players in the NBA. The Thunder were able to rally in the series they played against the  spurs, the question is can they find a way to rally back from a 3-1 Miami lead? They have no choice if they want to continue. It is time to win or go home. The Thunder were able to win the first game in the finals, they just need to dig down deep and find a way to beat the Heat tonight.

The team should continued to take the ball to the basket. Once the Thunder has the lead it seems as though they start trying to make the outside shot, this isn’t going to cut it in-game five. If the Thunder gets off to a quick start they need to dominate the entire 48 minutes. The Thunder needs to find a way to stop Miami in the paint. If they can’t stop LeBron James from driveling to the basket, this game maybe over before the half.

It is  time for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the teams talent could get the win tonight. They just need to do it and they need to do it now….

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