Kellen Winslow The Greatest tight end (in his Own mind) was cut today by the Seattle Seahawks. There were two people in the world who thought he was one of the greatest tight ends the NFL was ever going to see, one was  Kellen Winslow himself and his father who was once a great NFL  Kellen Winslow who had some great years with he San Diego Chargers.  Kellen Winslow started out with the Cleveland Browns, he never materialized into the great player people were hoping for. The Browns would have Winslow on the roster in Cleveland for 4 years. Once Winslow crashed his motor cycle doing something stupid and suffered injuries that would keep him from football duties with the Cleveland Browns.

Kellen Winslow would move on from Cleveland after the 2008 season and land on his feet in Tampa Bay. Winslow would last two seasons with the Buccaneers before head coach Greg Schiano realized Winslow didn’t fit into his plans there. The Seahawks gave up a  conditional draft pick to the Buccaneers to get Winslow.

Today it became clear that Kellen Winslow didn’t fit into the plans of the Seattle Seahawks either, Winslow who was scheduled to make 3.3 million dollars this season now finds himself a man with out  a team. Winslow is one of those guys who would have been better off keeping his mouth shut and playing the game. Between him and his father they both set Winslow up for failure. I know there is a thing as a proud papa, but when you paint a picture of success that never gets reached you just set yourself up for failure.

Will Kellen Winslow end up playing somewhere in 2012? You tell us, just leave your comments below….

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  1. NewTemplar

    There’s always the Raiders, to get a few more years from talented and difficult players.


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