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“Kansas City is getting awfully accustomed to chasing opponents….The Chiefsare off to their third 1-6 start in five years.


Willie Lanier, Mike Garrett, Bobby Bell, Jim Tyrer, Buck Buchannan, Ernie Ladd, Otis Taylor, Lenny Dawson and Curley Culp, where have you gone??


But mostly (in the context of their long standing troubles behind center) where on earth have you gone, Len Dawson?? This club hasn’t had an NFL caliber signal caller behind center since Steve DeBerg—and he had a few warts of his own. Len donned the red and white in 1963, as I recall and he’s never been equaled, much less excelled, by any of his successors. Come to think of it, KC  might have ended their futility at that position in 1983 if they hadn’t passed over Dan Marino and Jim Kelly in their haste to get at the immortal Todd Blackledge


I probably shouldn’t be surprised by some teamsingrained tendencies to have the exact same flaws season after season and in this team’s case—decade after decade. How can any GM—or series of GM’s and directors of player personnel–be so consistently blind, (or stupid and stubborn) as to allow their clubs to have the exact same weaknesses entering each new campaign? And though GLARINGLY obvious, hardly anyone in the media points it out.


The bad clubs are a reflection of poor ownership, poor scouting, poor coaching, and so forth, so the Chiefs’ putrid starts (and finishes) really shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s been looking at them for any length of time. They’re getting what they deserve (except, ironically, at the box office where the fans have shown their appreciation in impressive numbers for quite some time considering what they’ve gotten in return)


Until they improve their drafts (which may not happen anytime soon), I’d look for more of the same, wouldn’t you?


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