Justin Verlander is not having a very good 2012 season, Verlander was hammered in the first inning of the All-Star game with five runs. This isn’t the Justin Verlander that could dominate a game in the 2011 season. What happened to Verlander? Could it be he is just trying to be to perfect to live up to the expectations his team the Detroit Tigers set for him. The Tigers would depend on Verlander to go into a start and blow hitters away with his stuff. Either the batters have figured out how to hit Verlander’s stuff or his stuff just isn’t working this year, maybe he just doesn’t have the same stuff he had in 2011.

Verlander was looking forward to starting the All-Star game, I think he had high expectations himself. Little did he know the Giants sluggers were going to take the American league right out of the game in the very first inning. Verlander pitched only one inning and he gave up five runs. Where is the real Justin Verllander? The guy we see pitching this season looks a lot like the Verlander we came to know, he just isn’t performing to the high level he set for himself last season. Hey, the bar was set real high. It would be difficult for a lot of guys to repeat the season he had last year.

Verlander’s confidence had to take a mighty blow in the All-Star game. I hope he has a short memory, the Detroit Tigers have a long second half to get through and they are only 3-1/2 games back. The Tigers are going to need the real Justin Verlander to stand up in the second half, not the cheap imitation we’ve seen thus far.

Tell us what you think happened to Verlander, just leave your comments below….

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  1. James Lacy

    Man, you can say that again, After Verlander’s first inning the American League were cooked, they didn’t stand a chance. Maybe Verlander if per-occupied with Kate Upton’s body. Can you blame him?

    He is in for a disappointing year by his standards. Still better than some.

  2. Mike

    No, I think what Verlander showed in the Allstar game is that he is human. He was a little wild and it burned him so what. He still is a league leader in ininnings pitched strike outs and has an era under 3 pretty good when you figure he plays for a pretty mediocre team. Name me 2 starters in baseball that will give you atleast 7 innings every time out. Enough said

  3. David

    What a Bunch of dribble( pfff)1st of all Justin stuff was around 100 and the breaking ball was spectacular. The Problem he had was to much juice letting the ball get high in the Strike zone.
    Verlander is fine and a 18-9 year is still ACE numbers.

  4. Kevin

    This might be the worst article I have ever read on the web. The author LG ought to go back and take a look at the numbers from this year compared to last. JV does not have the win total, true, but that is not a pitcher controlled stat. If you look at his IP, ERA, WHIP, all of these are right in line with last year. Not to mention he is 2nd all time with 60 consecutive games of at least 6 innings pitched. I agree more with what David said.
    As for the All-Star game, really, if you honestly think JV has trouble against National league hitting then you did not watch any of his interleague starts. LG get the facts next time.

    • LG

      Kevin, you cannot be serious, you think Verlander is pitching just as well as last season? Verlander only lost 5 games last year, he already lost five and we are only at the halfway point. Justin Verlander was UN-hittable at times last season, most of the time I should say. I do however agree a Verlander that is under performing (by his standards) is still better than half the guys in the League…

      • Anonymous


        I am serious JV has is on pace in every major category from last year except for three. He has already more CG games than last year already. However I will say that he is allowing more home runs than he did last year, but is on pace with his career numbers.

  5. Buddy

    Maybe Verlander was expected to win MORE games this year than last? By those standards he is a disappointment. Take him out of the All Star game and the NL wins 3-0 instead of 8-0. Whats up with the AL bats? Are NL pitchers really THAT good? NO. For all its hoopla I don’t think JV took an exhibition game very seriously. In an after game interview he said he was just trying to entertain the fans with the speed of his pitches being flashed on the board. Bottom line-no, I don’t think he’s as good this year. But is he washed up? Not by a long shot.

  6. LAR

    Worst article I ever read. Verlander will leave that game in KC and move on. As far as as good as last year: is he supposed to win the MVP and CY Young every year to achieve your ridiculous standards. 7 inings per start and possibly a 20-10 season is excellent on any team.


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