The Detroit Tigers lost to the Boston Red Sox 1-0. It was a wasted effort by the Tigers Ace Justin Verlander who had little problem doing his job. That’s a lot more than we can say for Tigers first baseman Prince Fielder.

Verlander pitched as well as ever. he threw hard for 8 inning and he allowed only 4 hits. He struck out 10 and only walked one. His one mistake that would turn deadly, was the one earned run he gave up in the 7th to the Red Sox 1st baseman Mike Napoli. It was a home run aided by the velocity Verlander puts on his pitches.

The ball traveled 402 feet as it passed over the left center field wall. The Tigers had opportunities in the game.

The one that sticks out to me, comes in the 8th inning when Prince Fielder came to the plate with runners at first and third. The table was set and with a guy who obviously likes to eat like Fielder at the plate, I thought for sure the Tigers would at least tie the game.

It wasn’t to be, Fielder couldn’t get the one thing done the team pays him to do. He struck out. He left the Tigers tying run stranded on 3rd base because he couldn’t perform his duties. Maybe Fielder should push himself away from the buffet line a little sooner fro now on.

His physique is not allowing him to see the ball the way he should. If Fielder gets a base hit he ties the game. The guy gets paid millions of dollars to perform one task and when the team really needs him, he chokes. Because of Fielder, a great performance by one of the best pitchers in all of baseball goes wasted.

At the very least, Fielder could make an effort to get into shape to play the game of baseball.

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  1. okay

    Stupid article.. cabby came to the plate before prince and struck out as well. you can’t just single out one tiger. I would love for you to say that to his face. anyone can talk behind a computer screen. You bum

    • LG

      Be glad to tell him to his face, you make the arrangements OK pal?

  2. Sal

    Funny how you want to single out one guy for an entire lineup’s inability to get it done. What I see here is a poorly written article by a guy who is sitting on the sidelines wishing he had a quarter of the talent that Fielder has. What does “LG” stand for, little guy? Sounds about right.

    • LG

      Fielder came to the plate in the late inning of the game, with the tying run 90 feet away and he choked. That is why he is singled out. He hasn’t done his job in the play offs. Think about it. What has he produced offensively so far in post season play? Has he earned all that money they are paying him?

      • okay

        so did cabby you moron. did you watch the game? so we should get rid of cabby and talk shit about him?

        • LG

          Yes I saw the game. But you fail to realize when the real pressure was on Fielder choked. Plain and simple question for you, what has he done in the post season offensively?

          • okay

            What has anyone besides V mart and peralta done? You are avoiding our questions… why are you ripping on prince? He is batting .276 this postseason which is third on the team. Do your research pal.

  3. Asm

    Avila doesn’t hustle, manager needs to adjust lineup, take Jackson out, that’s what will beat us and not make WS

    • Chymerian

      I’m totally with LG on this issue. Chunky is paid over $20M a year, that is not to be the 3rd best avg on any team, that is to be top 3 in the LEAGUE. And he is not even close. Miggy saved our butts in the series with the A’s with his clutch hitting against Gray. What has Chunky done in the playoffs so far? Also, in the 9th in game 2 vs the Sox, he doesn’t block the throw and allows the runner to get to 3rd. Atleast use that girth to block it. The Tigers we’re looking hard at Cespedas prior to going after Chunky, but since he was a bit of a mystery, they passed. What a mistake. Cespedas would have been half the salary for a 5 tool player. Chunky cost a ridiculous $120M for one thing only: to hit the long ball and do it often and in the clutch. For that salary, has he lived up to those expectations? In fact, he bumped Cabrera from 1st cause he fat arse can’t do a damn thing. We should have Peralta at 3rd and Cespedas in left with Miggy at 1st and Chunky could be draining some other owner’s wallet.

      • LG

        Now here is a guy that understands exactly what I am saying….


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