What’s up with Tiger Woods? It wasn’t long ago that he offered his ex-wife a 200 million dollar Prenuptial agreement to remarry him. Now just weeks later he is sending his private jet to pick up injured skier Lindsey Vonn to take her into a Sunday knee surgery. Is Lindsey Vonn going to be his next trophy? Just think about it, Woods wanted to remarry his ex-wife, even though he has reportedly been seeing Vonn for the past nine months.

What is he trying to do these days. There is an old saying that a Tiger doesn’t change his stripes. Elin Nordegren was smart to demand more money, she has experience with Woods and his past. To remarry Woods she would have to have her head examined. Now, what is Woods up to with Vonn? Reports are coming out daily saying him and Vonn have been an item for some time. Is he really getting in deep with Vonn? Will Tiger help Vonn rehab her knee to get back on the slopes?

Tiger seems to be attracted to a certain prototype of women. Vonn fits that prototype. She is blond, she is successful at what she does and she is a very strong women. You could say Vonn is a lot like Tigers ex-wife couldn’t we? Only time will tell how far Woods and Vonn will take this relationship. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Woods does indeed ask Vonn for her hand in marriage. Who knows what the future will hold for this couple. One thing is for sure, neither one of them are denying they are a couple.


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