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Boy, I guess that never occurred to Dwight. After countless hours spent practicing them and practicing them and watching film breaking down his shooting motion, posture, rotation and follow through and then practicing again I guess somehow that concept got lost on him—as it did on Shaq, Wilt and Bill Russell, among other successful centers who shot free throws deplorably even though they spent loads and loads of time trying to get better at them. At some point it would make more sense to me to conclude that for the most part big men–despite all the effort they put into shoring up that part of their game–will NEVER consistently shoot foul shots well. If they did none of us would have to hear the same thing over and over and over and over again from sportswriters who seem to think that chiding centers about their poor foul shooting will somehow translate into improved performance in that area. But in the 47 years that I’ve been following the Association the tongue lashing(s) haven’t worked yet—not even once





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