Today a Judge in south Africa rescheduled the murder trial hearing of accused murderer  Oscar Pistorius until August 19th, the day Reeva Steenkamp would have been celebrating her 30th birthday had she not been shot to death by Pistorius on Valentines Day.

The reason wasn’t exactly clear. Pistorius stood for his entire 15-minute court hearing Tuesday, staring straight ahead. His lawyer is trying to say Pistorius is still in morning over the loss of Steenkamp. The defense is also trying to say that Steenkamp had all kinds of plans made to go with Pistorius  to running events all over the world.

He said why would someone want to murder someone who has plans made to go with him traveling. Meanwhile it has been reported that the double-amputee Olympian and murder suspect, is still training trying to stay in shape for the 2016 Olympics.

One of the reasons Acting Chief Magistrate Daniel Thulare gave for the postponement, was to give police more time to do their investigative work. How much time do they need. The evidence they already gathered speaks volumes as to what happen on that terrible night back in February when Pistorius fired the fatal shots through the bathroom door killing his girlfriend.

The magistrate asked Pistorius if he understood that he was still bound by the same bail conditions and told him he must appear in August and he answered in a soft voice saying, yes your honor. Pistorius just spoke 3 words the entire time he was in court this morning.

If found guilty as charged in the Murder of Reeva Steenkamp, Pistorius faces a life sentence in prison. They don’t have capitol punishment in South Africa. Pistorius is getting off easy compared to Steenkamp.


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