The Pistorius murder trial suffered a major interruption on its second day. The judge in charge of the court room halted the trial when he found out a South African television station was broadcasting photos of witnesses who asked for anonymity.

The court had  order that no pictures of witnesses be shown on TV. The judge was furious and interrupted the proceedings to put a stop to this.

The first day, the court heard from witnesses claiming to hear the screams followed by gun shots coming from Pistorius home.

Pistorius, is still claiming the shooting was accidental and he thought Steenkemp was an intruder. After the judge stopped the proceedings, judge Thokozile Masipa warned the media to respect the ruling that images of witnesses who request privacy should not be shown. Masipa called the revelation “very disturbing.”

The judge warned of an investigation is to follow to find out exactly what is happening. This may just be the tip of the iceberg Masipa said.

One of the witnesses, Michelle Burger, lives close to Pistorius’ house and says she heard a woman screaming on the night Pistorius killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last year, leading him to be charged with murder.

He doesn’t want his picture released to the media and the judge had offered some protection against it.


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