After 4 days of hearing testimony from both sides the judge in a South African Court has granted bail for the double amputee former Olympic runner  Oscar Pistorius. The prosecutors were unable to convince the judge hearing the case for bail that Pistorius was a flight risk. Pistorius’s attorney said in closing arguments that Pistorius wouldn’t go anywhere because his artificial legs needed constant adjustment and he need to get work done on them all the time.

Lets say that Pistorius was a flight risk, where could he go and live the rest of his life unnoticed? The guy has two fake legs that he has to walk on. He would stick out like a sore thumb. Pistorius is charged with one count of premeditated murder, will be hounded by the media until he stands trial for killing Steenkamp. He is not going to be able to escape the country of South Africa with out someone in the media watching. The magistrate set bail at 1,000,000 South African rand (approx. $112,800), Reuters reported. Pistorius is ordered by the court to stay away from his home. He is not allowed to drink any alcohol and he cannot have any contact at all with any of the witnesses.

The former Olympian has been ordered by the court to surrender his passport and turn in any firearms he has. The prosecution i the case opposed the bail and maintain that the man called the blade runner is a serious flight risk. Nair who is the judge,  also addressed the testimony of Lead investigator Hilton Botha, who was removed from the case Thursday following his bungled testimony for the prosecution. “Botha is not the state case.”

Pistorius’ next court appearance was set for June 4.

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