Just a couple of hours ago, A Judge in South Africa has charged Oscar Pistorius the blade runner with the premeditated murder of his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp. Prosecutors presented what they think is overwhelming evidence that Pistorius knew his girlfriend was in the house and she arrived at the residence around 6:00p.m. that night. They contend that the double amputee not only shot her and killed her, but he got up out of bed and put on his prosthetic limbs to do so.

The authorities are testing the blood of Pistorius to see if it has the steriods that could have put the Olympian into the so-called Roid-Rage. Pistorius bawled his eyes out in the court room as the charges were put in front of him. Pistorius might not be running anywhere for a while. They may deny bail in the case because the charges of premeditated murder were filed against the former Olympian.

Defense attorneys were trying to say this should not be premeditated murder because the double amputee carried Steenkamp’s body to the first floor and tried to resuscitate her after he put 4 bullets into her body.  The prosecution stated that was after the fact. The state has plenty of evidence against Pistorius and things are not looking good for the track star. Pistorius’s family broke down into tears when the judge read the charges.

How about the family crying for the family of Steenkamp who were laying this beautiful women to rest as the charges against Pistorius were being filed in court? Pistorius should really start to think about spending the rest of his life behind bars. There is no death penalty in South Africa.


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