The Washington Redskins were driving the ball down the field when Josh Morgan made the bone-headed move of the year. He lost his cool and threw the ball at one of the St. Luis defenders. This is something Josh Morgan should have learned not to do in pee-wee football. You cannot lose your cool in a game and cost your team a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty when you are trying to get into position to win the game of at least tie it to send it into overtime.

Robert Griffin III was robed today at a chance of getting his second win of the season by one of his own teammates. I’ll bet Griffin has some words with Morgan off in a private place somewhere. RGIII is too much of a gentleman to put up with a bone-headed move like what he show come from Morgan today. Make no mistake about it, RGIII is already the leader of his Redskins team and he commands respect and he shows the same respect to others.

Griffin above all is a good sports when it comes to playing the game, he will get his guys on the same page. For the Redskins to lose a game like this falling to the Rams 31-28 has to get to RGIII. He is far to competitive to have something like this happen. I don’t know who is going to get to Josh Morgan first, the Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan who looked fit to be tied or RGIII who was robed today.


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