It is easy to point fingers at one guy and Josh Hamilton is an easy target to point fingers at. The truth is the Rangers didn’t play their best baseball as a team going down the stretch. Now the Rangers hope of post season play all comes down to one game. The Rangers started off as the best team in major league baseball for the first couple of months of the season.

The Texas Rangers lost nine of their last 13 games, there are 8 other guys out on the field and all of them could have played better ball. Tonight when they take on the Baltimore Orioles the team is going to have to pull together and put in a solid effort if they expect to extend the 2012 season. It shouldn’t have to all come down to Josh Hamilton and the Texas general manager Jon Daniels knows his team contributed to the terrible end of the regular season.

It all comes down to tonight. Some think the Rangers don’t deserve to win and continue into the play-offs with the way they finished their season Hamilton is going to have to make a better effort than we saw the other night. The Rangers as a team are going to have to make a better effort too.

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