Here he comes, Jon Gruden to the rescue. Johnny Manziel has Jon Gruden in his corner, with the Jon Gruden quarterback camp on ESPN. Imagine this match. The two Johns together, before this years NFL draft.

If I am an NFL G.M., I would turn and run as fast as I can. Gruden thinks he is the guy that can help build Manziel’s draft stock. If only Gruden knew as much about NFL quarterbacks as he proclaimed, he would still be coaching an NFL super bowl contender.

Gruden is one of the most over-rated NFL coaches that ever stepped foot on the field. Now, he is teaming up with another highly over-rated player, Johnny Manziel. I am surprised these two guys can fit in the same room together.

Both men have egos bigger than the state of California. These two should consider starting their own football leagues. The two of them together are enough to make anyone who is a general manager in the NFL, want to run and hide for cover.

Johnny Manziel is making a huge mistake trying to have Gruden in his corner. Manziel’s draft stock should fall even more having Gruden trying to make the case for this clown.

Manziel is in far over his head. He had some success in College, but he will find out fast, the NFL is nothing like college. The NFL is going to destroy Johnny Manziel. He can sit around with Gruden all he wants to and talk about his sore knee and his injured thumb, but once he gets into the NFL, the level of talent will kill him.

What is Gruden going to do about that???

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