Johnny Manziel is shooting off his mouth, about how he would bring the Cleveland Browns a Super Bowl win. He also told the Houston Texans, they would be making a big mistake, not taking him as the first pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

Manziel, isn’t going to experience the same success in the NFL as he had in College. Manziel doesn’t realize the level of talent he will be facing in the National Football League.

His immaturity speaks volumes about why he will be a failure in the NFL. Manziel doesn’t have enough sense to keep his mouth shut. He will be facing the best defenses in the world in the NFL.

His cocky attitude will have these defenses lining up ready to kill him. Manziel is not going to be able to run around behind the line of scrimmage taking his time to make a play. Manziel isn’t fast enough in the decision-making process to get rid of the football.

He has a lot to learn about eh NFL, and if he continues to make the kind of statements he made today, he will learn those lessons quick. The defenses in the NFL will be waiting for the chance to shut this kids mouth.

He has to learn to become a team player and there isn’t any I in team. But there is 2 I’s in IDIOT. Manziel proved one thing today with his comments. He proved he is an IDIOT, if he thinks he is going to walk into the NFL with his attitude and get away with it.

Manziel will learn real quick,why the NFL stands for NOT FOR LONG.


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