At least all the hype surrounding Johnny Manziel was good for something.  Manziel has just signed one of the largest Nike deals ever given to a member of the rookie class. Manziles business team negotiating the deal included LeBron James of all people.

James knows a few things about making money and now he is passing that knowledge on to his new found friend Johnny “Football” Manziel. How about that? Manziel was approached by Adidas, Under Armour and New Balance’s Warrior brand for rights to him.

Thanks to LBJ and Manziels team negotiating the deal, he now can relax and think about  all the money his is going to make simply for doing nothing. Manziel is going to enjoy all that life has to offer thanks to this deal with Nike.

I wonder if he has to give James a kick back? We all know LeBron would like to see Manziel end up playing for the Cowboys, but it isn’t likely to happen. Heck Manziel doesn’t even have to play football, think about how much cash he is going to make.

Football is the last thing he needs to be thinking at this point in time. Someone should be put in charge of watching this kid now. With all that cash he might  go out and buy a fast car and kill himself by driving too fast.

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  1. gary slagle

    Let the prick go to the cowboys his a wasted pick and if i am wrong i will burn my entire man cave

    • Agdoc

      Want to borrow my lighter?


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