The NFL is in trouble if Manning played this great in 2012 and he still is rehabbing his neck from the multiple surgeries he had. John Fox the head coach of the Denver Broncos has stated that he expects Manning to be even healthier in 2013. Fox went on to say the 36-year-old is still rehabbing from the neck surgeries he had.  If Manning could take the Broncos to 13-3 when he wasn’t 100% what does he do for an encore in the 2013 season?

The only thing I can think of is to take his Broncos to the Super Bowl, no wait he might go 16-0 and then take the team to the Super Bowl. Manning did a great job as far as I am concerned. the guy missed the entire 2011 season and we all knew there could be some rust on his arm, but I didn’t see it.. I wonder how good this guy can be next year. he laid the ground work this past season to struggle next season. How do you beat a 13-3 season.

yes, I know he could have won the play off game against the Ravens. The broncos better get some defensive secondary help if they want to win it all. Even the great Peyton Manning can’t cover-up a sloppy secondary. manning put 35 points on the board in the play-offs. Normally I think that is enough to pull off a win. If it wasn’t for the weak coverage that allowed Flacco to take his Ravens down field at will, it might have been Manning holding the Lombardi trophy, not Flacco.

I am convinced Manning is one of the very best that ever lined up behind center. When it is all said and done he will find his way into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame for sure. But if the Denver Broncos and John Fox want to find their way to the Super Bowl anytime soon, they had better start focusing on fixing the Broncos secondary. Don’t worry how healthy Manning is next season John Fox. Start worrying about how UN-healthy your defensive secondary is….

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