Joe Paterno may have died in December, his legacy as one of the greatest head coaches in the history of College sports is still getting slaughtered. Paterno and his family came under fire for not doing more in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Paterno’s family is still trying to defend the man many called JoePa. Paterno’s family can’t even find the peace with Paterno’s death. They still find themselves surrounded with all the questions about how this great football coach handled the allegations reported to him about Sandusky’s actions.

For the rest of eternity Penn State will be under the microscope on this one. The University and Joe Paterno should have done far more than they did. The reality is not many did the right thing. Paterno should have followed through and made sure the police were contacted when he got reports of Sandusky’s action in the teams locker room.  Not doing so left his reputation in the line of fire and with just cause. Penn State and the football program may have been more concerned with the dollars the University brings in though the program than doing the right thing.

Under normal circumstances it is hard to believe a normal person wouldn’t have taken more action. It always come down to money with College athletics and the Penn State football program was one of the leaders in bringing in the paper. Paterno has been around the program and has seen it grow into the mule-million dollar money-making machine it is today. It is a shame this great man didn’t have the judgement to do what was right. Now from the grave Paterno’s reputation will be labeled as a guy who didn’t do the right thing when it really mattered.

For Paterno’s family there will be no peace, they will always be left with the task of defending this once proud winner who ended his career losing everything, including his dignity. Paterno, who served the Penn State University for so many years deserved better. So did the kids that became victims of Sandusky’s sick acts. This went on for years if you look at the evidence. The people at Penn State who were in charge need to be smacked too. This will no doubt be one of the biggest cover-ups in the history of cover-ups.

To see so many who were suppose to be so smart do so little to stop a wrong, it only makes you wonder who is running the asylum. Yes, Joe Paterno’s reputation is ruined. It would have taken very little on Paterno’s part to make sure that didn’t happen, yet he made the choice to take the chance and it back-fired. If Joe Paterno would have picked up his office phone and called the police the day Mike McQueary left his office, we would be talking about this now.

Joe Paterno didn’t do that. Joe Paterno placed his cards on the table and let the hand play out completely wrong. Joe Paterno left himself out there and let Sandusky’s problem ruin all he had worked for. Sure Paterno won a lot of football games in his career, that can never be taken away. The fact that Joe Paterno didn’t make the proper decision one day, has taken his true identity. That is the way Joe Paterno the man they called JoePa will be remembered.

Tell us what you think of Paterno’s decisions and the way Penn State handled this, just leave your comments below.


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