Has Joe Namath turned into an arm-chair quarterback? The man has become the voice that criticizes the Jets more than anyone else. Why hasn’t Namath petitioned the team for a job after all these years?

He finds it easy to sit back and cast stones, but he fails to take an active lead in the Jets situation. Namath uses the Jets these days to bring attention to himself. If he truly cared about the team he once took to the Super bowl championship, he would have tried to get a job with the team by now.

Namath is no different from any other fan in New York. They find it easy to come out and talk a good game, but they have no interest in taking the bull by the horns to do anything about it. Namath isn’t your typical fan. He could actually reach the people in control of the football team.

Most fans cannot do that. Namath could have talked his way into the Jets front office, or even into the Jets sidelines by now. He has not done anything to improve the team. he only comes out and criticizes the team for not making the right moves.

Namath did the same thing last season when the team signed Tebow. What kind of fan is Namath. he has the fame to speak in front of the mainstream media and all he does is complain about he New York Jets.

Come on already Joe, take the lead and become the team’s head coach. Put your money where your big mouth is already. Stop being the arm-chair quarterback and get off of your ass and make the Jets into a winner.

That is if you think you have what it takes to build a winner in the NFL in 2013. Funny thing about Joe Namath. he has been out of football for years. Nobody hired him and made him a head coach in the NFL…. Why is that? I think we are seeing it now. His bark is far worst than his bite……


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