There has always been debate over Joe Flacco being a franchise quarterback. After his super bowl win in 2012, the Ravens prematurely decided that he was their guy gong forward, they richly rewarded him with a 120 million dollar contract and this season the fans are seeing why he shouldn’t have been given such a rich deal.

Flacco’s performance against the Buffalo Bills shows the concerns people had throughout his career. Flacco threw 5 interceptions in the game. The results were devastating and the Ravens would go on to lose the game.

Flacco has been criticized for his leadership abilities this season and rightfully so.  He hasn’t risen to the role a guy making the kind of money the Ravens are paying should. Flacco will be the Ravens downfall this season.

He can’t lead this team to greatness, because he isn’t great without the leadership this Ravens team once had. Flacco is lacking the fine tuning a great quarterback needs. He played like a rookie in the Bills game.

His numbers stunk, he completed only 25 of the 50 passes he threw. He made 5 critical mistakes and he came away from the game with a 46.4 rating and a 14.5 QBR. Is this the kind of quarterback you get for 120 million dollars?

If you answered yes, then the Ravens are in for a very difficult season.


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  1. Blueteak

    It ain’t over till it’s over. Wait till the end of the season before making judgement.

  2. mark shepperd

    Flacco, way overpaid, not a leader on the field, Head coach ran all the guys that were good players, out of town. Joe’s ok, but Bolden was AWESOME!!!

  3. Ben Vincent

    Takes two to make a completed pass. Yes he had a bad game but don’t they all. Give it time. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.

    • LG

      The guy threw 5 interceptions.


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