Joe Flacco made it look like the Ravens made a huge mistake with his 120 million dollar contract last night. He didn’t have a good performance against the Carolina Panthers and he threw 2 interceptions.

Flacco didn’t look sharp in game 3 of the preseason. He could have had an off night and it is only dress rehearsal for the regular season. If Flacco gets the protection he needs, he picks team’s apart.

That wasn’t the case last night. Flacco was under pressure and he got sacked 3 times. When he threw the 2 interceptions, he was trying to make something happen to avoid the pressure. The Baltimore offensive line is going to have to do a better job protecting Flacco, if the Ravens want to have a successful year.

Flacco is a quarterback that will make mistakes instead of throwing the ball away when he is under pressure. Sometimes it works for him and his Ravens and other times we see what happened last night take place.

That has been the rap on Flacco in his NFL career. He tries to hard to make something happen, and if he makes a mistake he creates turnovers. You are not going to win many football games when you are turning the ball over.

Flacco knows this and so does the Ravens coaching staff. Protect Flacco and you win games. Simple isn’t it?




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