The Baltimore Orioles who desperately are in need of some runs have worked out a deal to acquire the man who hits home runs Jim Thome from the Phillies. Thome will be going to Baltimore to become there D.H. according to the reports I have read. Jim Thome whose role has been reduced to a pinch hitter in Philly, has hit five home runs this season and has only 10 at bats. Thome could help the Orioles who are last in the Major leagues in runs scored.

Jim Thome may help the Orioles if he gets a lot of at bats. Once again Jim Thome is on his way to becoming a Baltimore Oriole and could be facing his old team the Cleveland Indians as soon as tomorrow. Would that be something if Jim Thome steps up to the plate and hits a home run????

Hey tell us what you think of Thome becoming a Baltimore Oriole….Leave your comments below….

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  1. ed

    more of what we already have

    maybe another deal is in works


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