Is this what it has come down to for the Philadelphia Phillies and Jim Thome the man that crossed over the 600 home run mark last season? I can hear the manger of the Phillies now, hey we have one heck of a lead lets send in Jim Thome and maybe he can hit a home run. Thome should have taken what baseball has given him and went out while he was on top of the world.  Thome was with the Cleveland Indians when his career started. He could have made a graceful exit from the game after the season ended in Cleveland last September. It is hard to watch a guy like Jim Thome who belongs on the top, end his career doing this.

Now, you send Thome in for a pinch hit situation (not that they needed it) and you watch as Thome adds another strike out to his record. To some, there is something very wrong with that picture. The good thing is the Phillies got the win today over the Mets who have been playing some good baseball this season. The Phillies move to 4-5 with the win today and the team is playing .500 ball at home.

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