Jim Leyland saw his Tigers struggle in the first half this season, it looked as though this team with an extremely high pay-roll would just settle for third place in the A.L. Central. The Tigers have made a huge move after the break once the second half started. Now you may think the Tigers are playing some great baseball, the truth is they are and the other two teams that were making a run in the A.L. Central has given Leyland’s team plenty of help.

The Tigers have won their last four games, beating the Chicago White Sox in their last two games and that was coming off a two game win streak they had in place after the Angels series. The Tigers schedule is set right now to get the most of their wins too. They play the White Sox and the Indians back to back. The Detroit Tigers with a win today (if they get one) will travel to Cleveland to take on the Indians whose offense is suffering just as much as the White Sox.

The Indians lack of scoring runs and poor starting pitching could lead to Leyland’s Tigers sweeping the series in Cleveland. The Tigers have gone 7-9 since the second half started. The Indians and White Sox have gone the other way. For real Tigers fans they knew it would only be a matter of time until the Detroit Tigers made a move and that time seems to be now. With a half game lead over the White Sox and a trip planned to play the Indians by the end of this week the Tigers could very well be a few games out in front. If the other two teams can’t find their missing offense the Tiger could take over the race for the A.L. Central and this is why you haven’t seen Jim Leyland panic in the first half. He knows his team and he knows the season is long.

You can’t win it in the first half, you can certainly make a move in the second half, especially when your competition self implode….

Hey tell us what you think of the move the Tigers are making, just leave your comments below…..

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