By Larry GLicken

Tigers manager Jim Leyland made the mistake of taking out the best pitcher in the Detroit starting rotation and he paid the ultimate price for it. Max Scherzer did a great job holding the Red Sox to just one run in the 7 innings he pitched. He showed he could handle the pressure of getting the Tigers out of trouble when Leyland brought him in as a relief pitcher when the Tigers backs were against the wall against the Oakland A’s.

Scherzer had plenty of gas left in his tank last night. Leyland made the mistake of taking out the hottest pitcher the Tigers had all season and what happened? They lost. Not one of the 5 guys Leyland called from the bull-pen were able to control the Red Sox batters.

Each guy gave up at least one run to open the door for a Red Sox win. It’s easy to second guess the manager in a situation like this, but why he could let Scherzer finish what he started is anyone’s guess.

The guy has what it takes to work his way out of a jam. Leyland jumped the gun by pulling him. He has been amazing in 2013 and to take him out when he could have pulled off a win is crazy.

The Detroit Tigers are now tied with the Red Sox at one game a piece and they are finding out the hard way that this Red Sox line up can pull one over on any pitcher Leyland pulls out of his bull-pen.

It’s a lesson he could have avoided if he would have stayed calm and left Scherzer to do his job.

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