After the Colts beat the Broncos, owner Jim Irsay found it necessary to visit his team’s locker room to give the team one more Peyton Manning talk according to NFL films.

Irsay couldn’t resist the chance to knock the guy who put the Colts back on the map. Irsay held up his hand showing his single super bowl ring and said this;

“That other guy next door, is one of the greats and I have nothing but gratitude towards what he’s done for this team. But today is today. And we all know that we want to go and get this [holds up Super Bowl ring]. Anyone who doesn’t want more than one of these shouldn’t wear a horseshoe because that’s what it’s about.”

Jim Irsay proved once again he is a class-less person, who can’t help him self win in comes to knocking Peyton Manning. The Colts team didn’t even think his comments were necessary.

The team didn’t erupt with cheers after the speech and just politely clapped when Irsay was finished with his Manning insult. You can read the story from NFL films here. 

Jim Irsay is acting like a high school student who just split up with his girl friend. It isn’t all Manning’s fault the Colts only had one super bowl ring under his watch.

Had Irsay spent more money on the Colts defense maybe the team wouldn’t have given up so many points and Manning would have a hand full of super bowl rings.

But Irsay never considers that. He finds it easy to point his finger at Manning.


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