It’s a good thing the Indianapolis Colts didn’t have to depend on the running game of Trent Richardson today because, simply put he doesn’t have one.  Now the Colts and their fans are seeing why the Browns were willing to trade Holmgren’s mistake on the lake for an unknown first round draft pick.

The moment the Colts made the deal to give up a first round pick for Richardson, team owner Jim Irsay couldn’t resist taking to twitter to tweet about how he and his team were building a dynasty. Well Mr. Irasy, you have seen the man rush that you traded a first round pick for, 2 weeks in a row now. Still thinking you got the better end of the deal now?

You should feel like a fool for following a mistake with another mistake. When Mike Holmgren came out blasting the Browns for making the Richardson trade, you should have known you were in trouble.

2 weeks and 33 rushes later you have to be concerned about you and your Colts being taken advantage of. You should be sitting down your general manager and asking him what the hell is was thinking. 2 games and Richardson hasn’t even rushed for over 100 yards yet.

Do you still think this guy is going to be part of your dynasty? Lets put it in perspective, the Colts rushed Donald Brown 3 times in the game today. he had 65 yards and a 21 yard per carry average. He was drafted with the number 27 pick in the 2009 NFL draft and there isn’t any way he makes the kind of money Richardson makes.

We want to know when you will take to twitter again and tell us what a mistake your front office made giving up a first round pick for Trent Richardson. The guy is a bust. You should have watched his game films Mr. Irsay.


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  1. Freddie

    Both Brown (And I have been saying for 3 years he is the only Colt that can successfully run the ball) and now Bradshaw (who I have seen make great runs through very tight gaps) are better runners than Richardson. However he has made 3 yars per carry average with no lanes opened by OL, and has saved Luck from being pancaked on several occasions. After only 6 practice days, I will wait to judge him.

  2. Wado

    Check your facts…Donald Brown’s salary is twice that of Richardson’s

    • LG

      Are you kidding me? Brown makes 865,000 and Richardson gets 1.321 million how do you figure he makes twice what T-Rich makes

      • Swank

        Get your facts straight, Loudmouth.
        From Spotrac Year 2013
        Donald Brown: Base Salary 1,705,000 Bonus 200,000 Misc 815,000 Cap Hit 2,720,000
        Trent Richardson: Base 1,321,354 Bonus 0 Misc 0 Cap Hit 1,165,901

        • LG

          I suggest it is you that gets your facts straight. T-Rich makes more than you guy Brown does….

          Here are the facts……

          Trent Richardson RB Bese1,321,354 Total for 2013/2014 4,656,604

          Donald Brown RB 1,705,000 2,720,000

          Here is the link so you can verify yourself. Besides the point it Richarson wasn’t worth a 1st round pick. Are you saying otherwise?

          • Swank

            The Colts don’t that, of course. Cleveland pays the rest. You think Sportcity is as authoritative as Spotrac?

          • LG


  3. Tolin

    It is Richardson’s second week on a new team, running behind a new-to-him line.
    I thought him and Brown complimenting each other fairly well!

    • LG

      Won’t matter how many weeks he is with the team. This is him 60 yards a game making millions. First thing he said once he was drafted was now he won’t have to worry about money….

  4. GreCow

    Spoken like a Cleveland reject. Give him a chance to learn a few things. Note he makes good yards when there is a hole, when tackled in back field before he gets the ball says nothing about Trent. Olin will improve and so will he and Brown and maybe Bradshaw – playoffs will tell.

    • Anonymous


  5. steve

    Thank you Colt fans for taking that dancing bear off our payroll. TR is a major bust.

  6. Anonymous

    I guess hes gonna have to get a 100 yard game for everyone to be happy. Im a die hard Colts fan and im happy because I know he will break it open when the line opens more holes for him. And he’s the best blocking RB we have.

  7. LG

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