Colts owner Jim Irsay tweets he couldn’t get a private work out with top draft prospect Robert Griffin the third. Why would Irsay expect RGIII to hold another workout simply so the Colts could have another look at RGIII. Can’t the Colts management make an assessment on what they saw when RGIII held his pro day? The Colts had their people present and they should already know what RGIII is all about. This could just be a way for Irsay to try and get things to go his way. It is nice to see RGIII’s agent told him no.

Why should RGIII change his life around to give the Colts another look. Irsay has the Colts team in a total mess. Half the talent they once had is gone. If Irsay would have played his cards right he would have kept Peyton Manning on the team to help bring the quarterback he picks at number one along at a faster pace. No Matter which quarterback Irsay picks there is going to be a learning curve. If Irsay would have sat down with Manning and restructured Manning’s contract he would have had the best of both worlds, the number one pick and a great instructor to bring either Luck or RGIII along.

I’ll bet Jim Irsay isn’t use to having people tell him no. Good for RGIII’s agent. I still say if Irsay is smart he takes RGIII over Luck, RGIII is the best athlete in the up-coming NFL draft.

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