Colin Kaepernick did just what Jim Harbaugh expected him to do. He out played the Green Bay Packers and did it in record-setting style. Kaepernick did a great job keeping the Packers defense guessing all night and when he felt the pressure, the guy was elusive and the Packers couldn’t stop him. Kaepernick rushed the ball 16 times for 181 yards. Try to stop this guy, he makes players miss and he can do damage with his playing style. Not many guys have the size and speed of Kaepernick. The guy is hard to control and other teams in the NFL play-offs are going to find out just how hard it is to stop Kaepernick.

The Super Bowl could very well be Harbaugh against Harbaugh. Just think the 2 brothers could face off with each other this year in the Super Bowl. With the way Jim has Kaeperncik playing, the way John has Ray Lewis inspiring his Ravens team, the Super Bowl could be the 49ers against the Ravens. What a super bowl this would be. Both teams have a way to go. Both teams have a player that can inspire high levels of play from their teammates.

Kaepernick needs to continue playing the way he has played and the San Francisco 49ers could be playing in the 2013 Super Bowl.



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  1. Michael Wright

    Atlanta first, and that’s not going to be easy, but
    Go Niners!


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