Jim Harbaugh can’t be waking up very happy this morning, that’s if he even slept at all. The New York Giants defense completely embarrassed his San Fransisco 49ers team. Alex Smith was picked off 3 times in the game. The 49ers high powered offense was missing in action as the Giants held the 49ers to only 3 points. Harbaugh had to think his 49ers would have a better showing than this. After all they battled big-time last season in the play-offs and it came down to a fumbled punt that led to a Giants win.

Yesterday Harbaugh’s 49ers were beaten on both sides of the football. Their defense gave up 149 rushing yards to the Giants and watched as Eli Manning put together drives that would control the pace of the game throughout the day. Harbaugh had to think his 49ers would play better than this. The Giants took control and they would let up all day long. If Harbaugh has hopes for post season play this year,he has to get his team more focused than they were yesterday.


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