The San Fransisco 49ers found a win in St. Louis last night. They did it without putting too much pressure on Colin Kaepernick who has struggled this season. The 49ers rushed for 219 yards and it was Frank Gore, the same man who was asking Harbaugh for more touches that led the way with 153 rushing yards.

The 49ers should be changing their philosophy after seeing how easy for their running backs could move the football. This helped Kaepernick with the passing game. He only had to throw for 167 yards in the game and he didn’t have to take the beating he has taken this season.

Why Harbaugh didn’t think of using the running game earlier this season is easy to understand, he is a former NFL quarterback and throwing the ball comes naturally to Harbaugh. The 49ers found some balance in the game against the Rams.

The Balance helped the 49ers to take some pressure from Kaepernick. This game should help the quarterback to find some confidence. It looked easy for Gore and company to run. The 49ers offensive line didn’t have to try and stop the defense from getting to Kaepernick on every play.

This was a much-needed win for the 49ers. They needed to win just to keep pace. Now the team can see they don’t have to put it all on Kaepernick, things could get easier for Harbaugh. The 49ers found 3 rushing touchdowns and that was a huge part of this victory.


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