By Larry GLicken

The New York Jets have a few problems they need to fix this season. The first is scoring when the team is in the red zone. The second is trying to keep Santonio Holmes mouth shut. In one breath Holmes slams the New York media and tells them to write positive stuff, in his next breath Holmes slams the teams plan on using Tebow in the red zone. Holmes is one of the first Jets saying he doesn’t think it is a good idea, he thinks using two quarterbacks is trouble.

Hey,Santonio what happened to thinking positive or being a positive influence? Why not give the system a chance? The problem could be  Holmes doesn’t think he will get the ball when Tebow is in the game. It is clear Holmes wants to get the football, that is what he does. If the Jets have a plan the least Holmes could do it back it, after all, it is Holmes coming out and telling the Media to write positive things. Why don’t you come out and say positive things Santonio, then if the Media wants to quote you, it would be positive.

Santonio Holmes is one of those guys who can be a problem on a team. He thinks he needs to make comments on everything that goes on. Maybe Holmes should learn, sometimes less is more. Keep your mouth shut Mr. Holmes and go out there and catch footballs. There was more than enough talk coming out of the Jets locker room at the end of last season and Holmes was part of that too. So try something new Santonio, try not saying anything and see how that works. In the mean time back your teams plan and become part of the team. Tebow in the red zone could work….

Hey, be sure to tell us what you think of Santonio always running his mouth. Leave your comments below….


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