When Geno Smith entered into the 2013 NFL draft he thought he might have been taken as the number one overall pick. That didn’t happen and with the 39th pick of the 2013 draft, Smith ended up as part of the 3 ring circus they call the New York Jets.

Smith took quick action to show he is less than satisfied to be part of the Jets quarterback competition that include 5 guys. Smith fired his agents. Who can blame him? They told Smith to sit out of the senior bowl and that could have been part of the reason his draft stock fell quicker than a penny being dropped from a New York Sky Scraper.

Now, both side are coming out with very different reasons why Smith fired his agents. The reason has to be the bad advice Smith got from the firm of Select Sports Group. If Smith would have been taken high in the draft, I’m sure he would have kept his agent.

He wasn’t and now his agent is out of a job, with Smith anyway. The interesting thing will be if Smith can win the job as a starting quarterback in New York. He can’t let what took place in the draft get him down. He has to be ready to win this competition the Jets plan to put their 5 quarterbacks through.

If he can’t put the draft behind him, how is he going to deal with a bad game in the NFL? Get over it kid, it is time to get ready to win the starting job.

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