By Larry GLicken

Imagine standing on the Dallas Cowboys side-line, and not having to play unless of injury, and collecting 3.25 million dollars for your efforts. Not a bad gig right? Then way is Kyle Orton willing to walk away from this small fortune?

Rumors have it the guy, doesn’t want to play football. Jerry Jones and his front office have got to find a way to convince him to stay for another year. Not many back-ups get paid this kind of money, and if Orton does leave, this leaves the Dallas Cowboys with Brandon Weeden as their back up quarterback, unless they smarten up and cut him before the start of the regular season.

If the Cowboys are forced to use Weeden, they may as well consider having a losing season to position themselves in next years draft. Weeden is incapable of playing in the NFL. The guy is clue-less on the NFL field and often makes stupid decisions with the football, especially when facing pressure.

If you though Tony Romo, created turn-overs, Weeden is a master of throwing the interception. That was the only thing he did consistently, during his 2-years with the Cleveland Browns.

Jones needs to talk Orton into staying. He needs to convince the guy the Cowboys can’t survive without him. Truth of the matter is, they won’t survive if they are forced to play Weeden in a game.

Dallas has to find a way to hold onto Kyle Orton. It won’t be pretty if Romo goes down and they are stuck playing Weeden….

Get it done Jerry, don’t do this to the fans……


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