Lets get one thing straight, it wasn’t the cold weather and Peyton Manning that cost the Broncos a win the other night in New England. It was poor defense and a stupid mistake by Denver’s special teams which ended up cost the team a win.

Manning took his team in the locker room with a 24 point lead. He doesn’t play defense, it isn’t his job to stop Brady from finding the end zone with 21 unanswered points. it is the Broncos defense or should I be saying the Broncos lack of defense.

Now, for the past day and a half, we are forced to listen about how Manning can forget about the super bowl, because it is being played in cold weather. All hog wash, that is what this is. Manning may like playing in doors or out of the elements, but the guy has won plenty of games out doors in the elements.

How about the Broncos defense? Can these guys play in the cold weather? Judging by their 2nd half performance Sunday night, I would have to say no. Manning did his job. Some other Broncos did not. The defense is the weak link with this team and until Elway can see he needs a better defensive secondary, the Broncos are going to continue to have problems.

Before everyone starts pointing the finger at Manning’s ability to play in a super bowl in the cold weather, the Broncos have to get there first. The way this defense was abused by Tom Brady. I’d say their more of the problem than Manning and the cold weather.

It wasn’t Peyton Manning that cost Denver the win in New England, nor his ability to play in cold weather. It was the Broncos defense and special teams.

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  1. jay

    this is what everyone said last year after losing to the ravens even after he threw the pick to seal the loss


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