Who does Roger Goodell think he is? Not allowing the New Orleans suspended head coach Sean Payton to attend the Hall Of Fame Game is ridiculous, why not make Payton wear one of those ankle bracelets so Goodell can check his whereabouts 24 x7?   Payton has already been punished for his role in Bounty-Gate by being suspended from his head coaching duties. Now, Goodell says he can’t attend a football game. Where does Goodell get off thinking he should have this kind of power?

Why can’t Payton attend the game? What does Goodell think, Payton sitting in the stands can’t have some sort of secret signals to the players to start collecting bounties. Maybe Goodell thinks he has the power to take away an American’s freedom, in this country you shouldn’t have to be subjected to cruel and unusual punishments. For Goodell not to allow Payton to attend a game in my opinion it falls into that category.

Maybe Goodell thinks he is doing the right thing, what he is doing is making himself looking worse than he already does. Roger Goodell is only trying to change the public’s opinion of the N.F.L. before the  concussion case hits the courts. He is poisoning the minds of the people trying to make it look like the game of N.F.L. football is none violent. Goodell you are insulting the intelligent s of the American public.

What is this guy going to do next, send the direct tv people over to Sean Payton’s house to disconnect his NFL network?  Quit being an ass Mr. Goodell, let Payton attend the H.O.F. game….

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