The NFL needs to grow a set and tell the Oneida Indian Nation to take a hike. 9 out of every 10 Indians polled could care less about the Washington Redskins name and they are not offended in the least. Why this Oneida Indian Nation has to get everyone up in arms over this team’s name is just nonsense.

The Redskins have far greater concerns than the team’s name to deal with. They have the worse defense in the NFL this season and the last thing the team needs to do if focus on changing the team’s name.

What are the Oneida Indian’s going to do? It isn’t like the 1800’s when they could ride into a village and rape the women and kill the men. This is 2013, it is time for these Indians to move on already. They must have far more important things to contend with the stirring up trouble about the name of a football team.

I thought the team and the NFL already put this to bed. The team has been named the Redskins for decades. How many of these Indians buy tickets and go to the game or for that matter even watch the games on TV?

Get over it already. It is time to move on to something else. If the NFL can’t tell these people to take a hike, they will be setting a bad example. The rest of professional sports teams will all have to change their names if they are tied to Indians. The Oneida Indian Nation should be flatted about the team’s name.

In stead they use it as a way to bring attention to themselves. Get over already and move on.



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  1. Lorcan Bonda

    This is an awful article. There are ways to deal with this question a lot more diplomatically than you did. But saying this is not like the 1800s where they could ride into town and r*** the women is disgusting. I don’t thing anybody from that tribe is proposing such a solution.

    I think Yarbarker ought to grow a set and tell you to pound sand.

    • LG

      You think diplomatically is the answer? That is what is wrong with the America we live on today. Too much damn diplomatically.


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