When is enough enough? Now we have a Tribe of Indians in up-state New York putting out a radio ad to try to get the Washington Redskins to drop the name “Redskins.” How long is this going to go on?

The team has been called the Redskins for years. The American Indians need to get over it already. They should feel good about the fact that the NFL is representing them.

Here is what is happening now, The Oneida Indian Nation said the first ad will run on radio stations in Washington before the team hosts the Philadelphia Eagles in its season opener Monday night.

Are they serious? Do they think the team is going to drop the name just because they place an ad on the radio? Don’t they have better use for their money?

Oneida Nation Representative Ray Halbritter says NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should ”stand up to bigotry” by denouncing ”the racial slur” in the team’s name. Come on, nobody complained about this 30 years ago.

Why are they making a big deal out of it now? This is just another leg in the journey that someday would make it impossible for Americans to speak their minds. The Oneida leader says; we don’t deserve to be called Redskins.

Is this guy serious? Nobody is calling them Redskins, they are calling the football team Redskins. Why doesn’t he take out an ad against the potato industry? After all Redskin potato’s have been around longer than the Washington Redskins.

Enough is enough already. It is time for these Indians to get over it already…..

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  1. yermiyah726

    wow!!! get over it huh? this is one of the most ignorant articles i’ve ever read. i’m sure the author knows as he/she is such a coward that only the initials are shown. so typical to show the trashy character of some of the people in this country. shameful as well.

    • LG

      You have got to be freaking kidding me…..The team has been named the Redskins for how long? Like I said get over it…

      • Anonymous

        I agree!!!! Get over it already. Pretty soon nobody will be allowed to talk for fear of offending somebody.

    • Redskinsfan

      Get over it already!! Pretty soon nobody will be able to speak with offending somebody. If you don’t like it, don’t follow them! Funny how they have been the “redskins” since the beginning. Now it’s offensive. Get a life!

      • LG

        I think we are already to that point….

        • yermiyah726

          that is the absolute peak of ignorant thinking. if it were up to you, you’d want all the groups you’ve mistreated to “just get over it” or “get a life”. after you and those who think like you damn near wipe out a whole nation you don’t even have the respect for them to listen to why they feel offended. i hope none of you have children….your thought process needs to go to the dirt when you do. if it’s offensive, it’s offensive. and that hasn’t been the name “forever”. even when the name was coined, what kind of rights did native americans have to argue this? your thought process is barbaric and shameful to your nation. not to mention arrogant and inconsiderate. enjoy your time at the top…..nothing lasts forever.

          • LG

            What you fail to understand is I never mistreated anyone. I think this is a case where people try to make a mountain out of a mole hill. So what they use the name Redskins, that isn’t a reflection on anyone…It should be viewed as a tribute to some tough people….

          • Rex T

            My father is full blooded and i am half Native American, our family comes from the Navajo Indian res. in New Mexico….We do not find this name offensive at all…so don’t speak for us….

          • yermiyah726

            @ rex t,
            you aren’t the only one with native american bloodlines nor do you speak for all native americans.

            @ gs,
            you’d be 100% correct if the helmet didn’t have a depiction of a native american on it.

            this is good convo though.

    • Redskin Fan

      The nickname was coined by their first Head Coach. He was a full blooded native American. He actually turned a negative term into a positive one. When people say the word Redskin now, they are talking about a Football Team. The word no longer has a negative or derogatory meaning. It’s all in the context the word is used in. remember, a cock is also a rooster.

  2. robert dix

    I couldn’t agree more. some politician with nothing better to do had to stick his nose into this and start a phony issue. when will these guys spend time trying to fix all the real problems we have today. a redskins fan

  3. GS

    What I don’t understand is why anyone thinks the name of a football team has anything to do with a group of people. When you hear someone talking about the Redskins you don’t think about Indians you think about a football team. People need to move on and need to realize it’s not always about them.

  4. Jerry Walls

    I have been a fan of the Redskins since I was 9 years old (and always have been to this day), and this was before I knew what racism really was. I didn’t know it was derogatory at that time and I do not feel that it is at this time. When you poll people, about 85% feel the name should stick and the only people who are being racist, in my honest opinion, are the ones bringing race into the equation and complaining about it. Like George Carlin said, there are no bad words, just bad feelings and the 85% of us who support the team and are fans, have no bad feelings about this at all. So, you tell me, wherein lies the problem?

  5. Anonymous

    Yermiyah726, at some point we have to move forward. The spirit of the name is positive. If it was used in a negative way, I get your point. I teach my kids this……nobody controls how you think and feel about yourself. Who are you to judge? We as Americans have to move forward not backward. Yermiyah726 move forward…..

    • yermiyah726

      i definitely hear you. my point is that it is unacceptable to some (that’s all). i just think that the tone of the article is insensitive.


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