Lets face the facts, we all slow down as father time creeps up on us. Champ Bailey was burned 3 time with the long ball against the Ravens in the play-offs. I’ve said this entire off-season that the Broncos need to address their defensive secondary in the up-coming NFL draft or through free agency. Thanks to one of our readers here at USA Sports 360, for bringing it to our attention, the way the media has treated the Champ Bailey story. Bailey is a guy who gets a lot of love in the mile high city. he is one of the legends of the Denver Broncos.

As time goes by, players of Bailey’s abilities lose a step. This reader who left a comment on another Broncos story we wrote went on to say it is time to move Bailey into the safety position. He sees the need for the Broncos to pick up a shut down corner who can defend the long pass the way Bailey used to be able to do it. This particular fans agrees with us, that the media sometimes sugar coat the facts for one reason or another.

This is the case when it comes to talking about Champ Bailey. The Broncos made a major investment when they sign Peyton Manning. The aging quarterback can only do so much for the team. The Broncos scored 35 points when they played the Ravens. I would say Manning did his job, Bailey had a difficult time doing his. now the Broncos front office need to do their jobs and they need to discuss the Champ Bailey situation.

Face the facts people, Bailey isn’t the Champ he once was. The Broncos defense has to do a better job in the 2013 season and moving Bailey to the safety position is a great start to making the defense that much better. The Broncos only have 4 more years of Manning……


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