It is about time that Sean Payton is allowed back to his New Orleans Saints.  Now Drew Brees and Payton can get back to winning football games. Roger Goodell has lifted Payton’s suspension about 2 weeks earlier than thought. Goodell should have lifted the suspension months ago when it was determined by former NFL commissionaire Paul Tagliabue that over stepped his authority in the Bounty Gate suspensions. Several players had their suspensions lifted but not Sean Payton.

The Saints had a terrible season without their head coach. They finished the 2012 season with a record of 7-9 and failed to make the play offs. With the return of Payton the Saints have to do better in 2013. Brees clearly must have felt hand-cuffed without his head coach running the team. The Saints were put through the ringers throughout this whole Bounty-Gate affair. Now that this nightmare has ended, the Saints have something to prove I’ll bet.

In the end the NFL should be ashamed of itself. Roger Goodell should be replaced as soon as possible. Not only did he destroy the New Orleans Saints season, he is ruining the game of football with his stupid ideas. As if changing the kicking game wasn’t bad enough, there was talk about Goodell wanting to eliminate kick offs altogether. When is the NFL going to say enough is enough of Roger Goodell?

I’m sure Sean Payton has had his fill of Roger Goodell running the NFL. Now the people need to speak up too…..

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  1. Ray

    Goodell not only punished Saints players and coaches, he punished an entire region of Saints fans. I’m sure it made a difference in the NFL’s bottom line, I know I didn’t spend a dime on NFL football the past season. Thanks Roger.


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