Major League Baseball needs to stop playing games with Alex Rodriguez. He thinks he can call the shots and he is not going to cooperate with MLB. Just stop with the threats already and issue a life-time ban to Rodriguez already.

Show the rest of the players you mean business and you truly want to clean up the game. Guys like Rodriguez give the sport a black eye. It is time to stand up and re-claim the game. It shouldn’t be about cheating and you shouldn’t care about what the players union thinks.

Get rid of A-Rod and show the world you can police your sport. The league has let this situation go on long enough and it is time to make a statement. A-Rod brings nothing good to the sport. He was the highest payed player the sport ever had and all he did was abuse the system.

If Rodriguez truly was recruiting other athletes for the clinic in Florida, he has given MLB 2 black eyes. It isn’t up to Rodriguez to make the rules in the game and he has abused them for most of his career.

If Bud Selig doesn’t stand up and show the world he has a set, he is only contributing to the problems in MLB. He needs to make a strong statement to say enough is enough already. Get rid of Rodriguez. Baseball will be a better game without him.

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