New York Yankee, Alex Rodriguez is bad news for Major League Baseball. All the guy does is give the sport a black eye. Rodriguez should be banned from the game like Pete Rose was. Baseball shouldn’t have to deal with a guy who says he is not willing to make any deals.

Rodriguez is no stranger to trouble. He has made a ton of money from the sport and he continues to show nothing in return but disrespect. It wasn’t long ago when we heard of his charitable organization doing very little with the cash they raised for charity.

Rodriguez has proven time and time again he is only out for himself.  There shouldn’t be any room in MLB for a player like A-Rod. Sure he helped sell a few tickets but the guy is a cheater both on and off the field. He used the sport to line his pockets and he has made more than enough money for anyone’s lifetime.

Baseball needs to take a stand that shows the sport is tiered of dealing with players like him. Pete Rose didn’t do anything compared to the stuff A-Rod has pulled. Yet he was banned from the game and the Baseball hall of fame. MLB should do the same thing with Rodriguez.

Who does this guy think he is to tell MLB, he isn’t going to be making any deals? The deal should be, goodbye once and for all to Alex Rodriguez. It is past time to close this chapter.

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