The Baltimore Ravens and Joe Linta will have a face to face meeting during the NFL combine, with free agency quickly approaching both sides would love to get a deal done that would make Flacco a Raven for years to come. This is the first face to face meeting the Ravens will have with Linta since August of 2012. The way Flacco went through the play offs and the Super Bowl Linta expects the Ravens to make Flacco a very rich man. Many expect a deal around 20 million dollars a year. The Ravens who already have cap problems  have to use this opportunity to get a deal before the March 4th official opening of free agency.

If Flacco hits the open market, it is difficult to say how much money teams will throw at the quarterback. The Ravens want to sign Flacco, but they may not be able to out the money on the table that Flacco and Linta want. By the end of this weekend in Indianapolis we should be hearing something about whether they got a deal done.  Flacco showed how valuable he could be when he took his Ravens though the play-offs and the Super Bowl without making any mistakes. He showed the world he has a strong-arm and can complete ling down-field passes that could really hurt a defense.

It is going to be interesting to see if Flacco becomes the next 100 million dollar plus NFL quarterback.


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