The Los Angeles Clippers moved within a game of the Mighty Lakers last night as Randy Foye hit 8 three pointers to give the Clippers a 94-75 win over the Dallas Mavericks last night giving the Clippers their sixth win in a row. The Clippers controlled the game for the start outscoring Dallas in every quarter. Foye had 28 points and the Clippers are close to catching the once Mighty Los Angeles Lakers in the Pacific Division.  This is the Clippers longest winning streak in 20 years. Kobe Byrant and the Lakers may have to move over there is a new team in town and they look like they are out for business.

What is even more interesting is the Lakers and the Clippers will meet each other this week as the Lakers try to hold off the Clippers for the top spot in the Pacific Division. The task may not be as easy as the Lakers once thought. The Clippers are firing on all cylinders and the team looks like they would love to become what the Lakers have been for years. L.A.’s top basketball team.  I’ll bet this is something Kobe Bryant and company are not going to like. The Clippers have always played second fiddle to the Lakers in L.A. and some even think the team has no right to be in L.A.

Those days may be fading just Kobe’s energy level has faded during games this season. Bryant is going to  have to have is energy for the Wednesday night match-up against the New Los Angeles team. The Clippers come Thursday morning provided they can get a win over the Lakers. Yes the tide is starting to go out on the Los Angeles Lakers it would appear.

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