The Pittsburgh Pirates made it to the play offs but lost to the St. Louis Cardinals after forcing a game 5 in the series. The Pirates started Gerrit Cole who gave up 2 runs in the 2nd inning and the Pirates offense never got going.

The Pirates used 6 pitchers in what would be their final play off game of the 2013 season. The problem fell on the offense who could find a way to get many runs on the board. Adam Wainwright the St. Louis pitcher was too much for the Pirates offense.

They couldn’t find a way to get to Wainwright and he was able to pitch a complete game against Pittsburgh. The Pirates had a great season this year. They made it to post season play for the first time in many years.

No the team just has to find a way to win once they get to post season play. The Pirate fans were hoping the team could have extended their post season play. The City of Pittsburgh has very little to cheer for this fall, and the Pirates were one bright spot for many.

It’s over but he team had a great year. Last season the team completely imploded in the second half of the season. this year, they showed they could get there and now they have to discover what to do once they arrive.

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    Started reading this & thought, Man this sure reads like the style of that Cleveland Browns blogger. Then I looked up & saw the ol’ LG in the upper left hand corner. Branching out from the North Coast to the ‘Burg, LG??

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      I am all over………


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